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it's not about money,
it's about staying even.

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track expenses

lodge “who owes what” with a single swipe


quickly access previous expenses with a group or a friend

multiple dashboards

manage multiple groups on different dashboards

split bills

divide a single expense between multiple people

Kicbak transferring money

divide the bill,
not the friendship

kicbak helps you stay even without any money transfers, removing awkward situations so you can enjoy the friendship, and pizza!

meet the masterminds

Thanks to everyone who got involved in the competition!

This was the first clue of twelve. Congratulations to the winner who solved all twelve clues!

This was the awesome prize pack!

yep, that’s right. we gave away a PS4, table tennis table, $100 iTunes voucher and an iPhone 5C (just one, with a front and back). Thanks again to everyone who got involved, watched the daily clues and found the two secret kicbak videos.

oh and it’s free, so just download it already

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